B-Cure Stand

A flexible adjustable stand for convenient and effective treatment usingB-Cure Laser.

Dear Customer,

B-Cure Stand is a stabilizing stand for B-Cure Laser, and enables more convenient treatment without hand holding.

Instructions for Use:

Place the B-Cure Laser device in the holder of the stand - to ensure it goes in smoothly hold the bottom part. Place it in an angle between the two prongs (arms) of the holder and then slide it backwards until you hear the click. Note that the screw holes on the underside of the device are aimed at the pins in the holder. Once the device is in place in the holder, the timer can be set and treatment can begin. Place the stand on a firm surface facing the intended area for treatment. You can also lean the device on the point of treatment, supported by the tripod of the stand, or you can wrap the prongs of the tripod around your arms, legs or furniture. If you are treating an out of reach area (such as your lower back or neck) the stand can serve as a hand held extension. Place the device on the area to be treated. Be sure to aim the device while maintaining the recommended angle for the area being treated, as per the illustration in the instruction manual. To disassemble the holder, push the round button and pull the clip outwards. If the holder is loose, use a coin to screw it. We wish you an effective and comfortable treatment.

Sincerely, The training team.

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