B-Cure Laser Sport

Your professional physiotherapist

Medical device for the treatment of sports injuries

There are probably very few things that will prevent you from engaging in your favorite sport, whether it’s running on the beach, cycling in a forest, working out at the gym or hiking in the city; you may have a weekly neighborhood basketball game you would never miss! But if you see your friends, active in their favorite sports, and you can’t participate due to a sports injury, we have the perfect solution for you: B-Cure Laser Sport - a healthy and effective medical device for the treatment of orthopedic problems and pain resulting from inflammations or chronic and acute sports injuries; with no known side effects.

B-Cure Laser Sport is used by senior practitioners of sports medicine in Israel - sports doctors, orthopedists, chiropractors and physiotherapists in hospitals, at the Wingate Institution, sports associations, and team clinics as well as at private clinics, to assists in rapid recovery and a faster return to sports activities.

B-Cure Laser Sport was chosen by the Israeli Olympic Committee with the backing of the medical staff, as the formal medical device for treating the Israeli Olympic athletes to Rio 2016.

Clinical applications:
  • Recent and chronic sports injuries
  • Sore fingers, knees and thighs
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck, shoulder and upper back pains
  • Inflammations
  • Muscle pain
  • Cartilage erosion/li>
  • Arthritis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Achilles tendon inflammation
  • Muscle sprain / tear
  • Tendon strain / tear
  • Ligament strain / tear
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Inflammation of the joints and tendons
  • Recovering from wounds and lacerations, including surgical lesions rehab
  • Fresh scars and recovery from surgery
  • Burns
  • Clinically proven
  • Effective, healthy and non-invasive treatment
  • No known side effects, no possible overdose
  • For personal use anytime, anywhere
  • May reduce the need for medication
  • Israeli Development and Patent
  • Suitable for all ages

An excerpt from the professional opinion of Israel’s Olympic Doctor, Dr. Luba Galizkaya and Israel’s Olympic Physiotherapist Dr. Maya Cale-Benzur, the Ribstein Centre for Research, Sport Medicine and Physiotherapy at the Wingate Institute:

"A 17 year old Olympic athlete (Gymnastics) injured her knee upon descending from the beam. She was diagnosed with an ACL tear (Anterior cruciate ligament injury) and went through surgery to repair the ligament. The young girl then attended the rehabilitation ward for sports injuries at the Wingate Institute for treatment which was based on current, recent protocols for rehabilitation which include exercise to achieve full range of motion, stability and muscular control and monitoring of progress for achievement of goals to meet functionality according to a set schedule for recovery.

During rehabilitation, pain appeared in the external rear aspect of the operated knee, which did not respond to conventional treatments (treatment of tissue by means of soft massage, mobilization, heating-cooling, ultrasound, etc). After a number of weeks of continuous pain which was functionally debilitating, it was decided to introduce use of the B-Cure Laser Sport device into the treatment program.

The gymnast was given guidance for self treatment and started by using the device 2-3 times a day, on the three spots chosen for therapy, 4-8 minutes per spot, simultaneously with the ongoing treatment she had been getting till then.

A week later, the gymnast reported definite improvement in the pain, almost complete relief of the pain she had complained of behind her knee. The gymnast requested to continue use of the B-Cure Laser for another three weeks, twice a day. Approximately two months after the onset of the gymnast’s treatment, she reported that upon conclusion of the treatment she no longer suffered any pain at all. She has now returned to full activity.”

Treating acute pain

When treating pain from a fresh injury or a burn, it is recommended to treat the injured area as close as possible to the event. Treat the injured area for up to 6 minutes, 10 times consecutively, with 5 minute breaks between the treatments. It is recommended to treat the injured area in fixed time intervals. It is important to carry out the Laser treatment directly on the skin, and not through clothes or bandages. In the case of an open wound, the Laser should be held as close to the wound as possible, without directly touching it.

Even if an initial improvement is experienced, continue the treatment until complete healing is achieved.

Treating chronic pain

At any new treatment point where the pain has been present for over a month, the pain is considered chronic with a high probability for inflammation. In these cases, it is recommended to initially restrict treatment of the area to 1.5 minutes, and increase the time by 30 seconds per day, until the recommended treatment time has been reached. 2 to 4 treatments should be carried out per day, consistently. If an increase in pain level is experienced following the treatment, it is a sign that the body is responding to the treatment, and the desirable process of bio – stimulation of the cells is occurring. In this case, stop the treatment for 24 hours, and restart it with a decreased dosage time. If an increase in pain level is not experienced again, gradually increase the treatment dosage until the recommended dosage is reached.

It is recommended to adjust the dosage to the level of pain experienced, and to continue to treat the area until the problem is solved or an extended relief in pain is experienced, without placing a time limit for each treatment or limiting the treatment period.

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