B-Cure Laser Sport Pro

Your professional solution

For the treatment of orthopedic conditions, pain and sports injuries

B-Cure® Laser Sport Pro is a medical device based on an Israeli patent by Erika Carmel Ltd. B-Cure® Laser Sport Pro created a world breakthrough in the field of soft lasers due to the device’s unique electro-optical mechanism. Treatment with soft (cold) laser awakens the body’s natural healing mechanisms both on cellular and systemic levels. Upon body’s absorption of laser light, a number of chain reactions take place simultaneously: blood circulation is increased, cellular activity is stimulated and inter-cellular communication is strengthened.

The Result:

By promoting the natural healing process and helping resolve the root cause of the problem, B-Cure laser Sport pro promotes healing in conditions of pain and inflammation. B-Cure® Laser Sport Pro is suitable for the treatment of sport injuries, both acute and chronic, in the clinic, at home or at the training field. Immediate treatment after an injury or over-exertion will accelerate the healing process even more.

B-Cure® Laser Sport Pro is designed for the professional sector - physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sport therapists, who treat professional and amateur sportsmen suffering from sports injuries:

  • Muscle injury - Muscle strain, partial tear and complete tear.
  • Tendon wounds and tears - Wound with local haematoma formation, partial and complete tear.
  • Injury to ligaments - Ligaments strain, partial tear and complete tear.
  • Cartilage injuries - Chondromalacia, Cartilage damage.
  • Osseous cartilage damage - Without translocation with covering, full detachment in situ / Full detachment ex situ.
  • Wound healing - Acceleration of the inflammation process, help in collagen synthesis, increase in the tissue's tensile strength, reduction of healing time and reduction of wound size.
  • ignificant reduction of pain in cases of - Upper back and lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, arthritis, tennis elbow , heal spur, Carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation and joint disorders.
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