B-Cure Dental Laser

A technological breakthrough in the treatment of

gum problems and oral health maintenance

A medical device for daily use at home for the treatment of acute and chronic gum diseases (periodontitis), pain relief and speedy healing following dental procedures.

  • Reduces inflammation symptoms
  • Speeds up the healing of the inflammation
  • Reduces bleeding, swelling and bad breath
  • Reduces cold/heat sensitivity
  • Reduces pain following scaling and root planing
  • Eases recovery after a visit to the dentist or the dental hygienist
How does B-Cure Dental Laser treat gum disease and how does it assist in preventing damage caused by gum disease?

B-Cure Dental Laser penetrates deep into the gum tissue, the “pockets” and the supporting bone, eases inflammation symptoms such as bleeding, swelling and pain, and reduces the depth of the inflamed gum “pockets”. At the same time the laser stimulates healing processes and the growth of cells that rehabilitate the gums and assist in delaying damage such as recession of bone and tissue that support the teeth.

How do you know if you have gum disease?
  1. Do you notice bleeding while brushing your teeth?
  2. Do your gums hurt? Are they red or swollen?
  3. Do you feel pain while chewing?
  4. Have you noticed a shifting of your teeth or a gap between your teeth?

If you answered ‘yes’ to to any of these symptoms, that is a sign of gum disease and you should consult your dental hygienist.

B-Cure dental Laser facilitates treatment for the following medical indications:
  • Chronic periodontitis
  • Gingivitis – acute gum inflammation
  • Heat/cold sensitivity in the neck of the tooth
  • Receding gums
  • Deep gum “pockets”
  • Gum surgery

In addition, B-Cure Dental Laser helps to reduce pain and swelling and treat inflammations and wounds after the following procedures: Root canal, dental implants, extractions, teeth alignment and surgery. The device was also proven to be effective in treating pain in the jaw joints, aphtea, herpes and infections.

The advantages of B-Cure Dental Laser:
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Natural non invasive treatment
  • Easy and safe to use on a daily basis, in the clinic or at home
  • Light-weight, portable, rechargeable
  • No known adverse effects
  • Suitable for all family members

A recent study from Hadassa University, Jerusalem: found: B-Cure Dental Laser has an anti-bacterial effect on bacteria causing gum disease and plaque.

A recent study from Parma University, Italy found: B-Cure Dental Laser significantly reduced (50%) the level of pain experienced by patients suffering from jaw joint pain and problems.

  1. Horizontal position:periodontitis, gingivitis, extractions, inflammation, hypersensitivity, orthdontics, aphthae
  2. Vertical position:implants, root canal treatment
  3. TMJ / TMD / orofacial pain
  4. Herpes, wounds, and infections
  5. Peripheral point for all indications

Tip: for gum disease it is recommended to treat the areas marked with a dotted line

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